From Logos to Experiences​​​​​​​
Each step in my strategy-led design process is crucial to developing agile and minimalist design solutions.  Agile brands thrive on change and to keep up with competitors, brands need strong identity systems that can endure the rapid changes of the marketplace. I believe a brand is more than just a logo, which is why I help clients develop their brand’s tone of voice, brand promise, and help transcend their brands from a logo to an experience. 
1. Discovery Call/Meeting
First, we need to define your brand and what makes you unique. I’ll lead a discovery meeting and where we’ll discuss a few questions; Why do you stand-out? Who are your target customers? To answer these questions, I’ll work with you to conduct competitive audits and customer profiles. Understanding who your customers are and what their values are is a crucial component of your brand discovery. This is where we’ll discover what makes your brand stand out and how to position your brand to attract customers.
2. Brand Research & Alignment
Once we understand who your customers are, I'll help you align your customers’ values with your brand attributes. We’ll work together to develop and readjust your brand attributes to meet the needs of your customers. Brand alignment will help you expand your services to ensure they still resonate with your customers and that their needs are still met. This is where you build trust and long-lasting relationships with your 
3. Stylescapes
After the research, I begin designing stylescapes. Stylescapes are a series of mood boards that I present to the client with visuals to help define the direction for the brand. These mood boards help the client see what their visual identity might look like and make decisions regarding the aesthetic of the brand.
4. Brand Development 
Once a stylescape has been chosen, I’ll help you tell your brand’s story, develop your brand’s voice, tone, messaging and design your business’ visual identity system. I work with clients to develop digital graphics for social media promotion, print material; business cards, letterhead, posters, and any additional applications unique to your specific brand. This is where your brand becomes an experience that resonates with your customers- strengthening your relationships.
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